New Model 100x50mm Pvc Channel Nft Hydroponics Channel

Brand : DIBL

Product origin : China

Delivery time : 3-7 days after payment

To order call: 01324445400


Product Description

Hydroponic NFT system is an efficient growing system, and especially suitable for leafy vegetables, various lettuce.

1.Easy assembled , convenient and time-saving. 

2.Save the land, no soil is needed for hydroponics

3.Meet many type of growing media, including Expanded clay pellets, Perlite, and coconut coir.

4.All the growing conditions can be controlled with hydroponics system

5.Stable and high productivity with NFT gully

6.Plants grow healthier and easy to harvest

Packaging and Transport :

2pcs/pack, Plastic film or as per customers’ specific requirements.

Delivery Detail:15-20days after payment

Transport: By Sea

1. In addition to existing products market, NFT Channel Hydroponic Tube is our patent design product. We can provide more better choices for you!

2. We produce hydroponics nft system by own mould, which makes more competitive price and faster delivery;

3. We have great experience on provide high quality service to clients;

4. Welcome to visit our factory.